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Give Holidays
The perfect Christmas present. Surprise your loved ones by giving them the opportunity to escape from the routine. Choose the amount you want to give and select buy.

The beneficiary will be able to choose between all the Excel establishments and use it as many times as they want until the balance is exhausted for a year. Sure hit!
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Terms & Conditions:

None If you lose your bonus code, you will not be able to claim it.
Keep it well!
None The validity of this gift voucher is 1 year.
Be careful it expires!
None The gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or at the hotel, it must be a reservation through our official website.
You are in the right place!
None Use the bonus until the balance is exhausted. So you know several destinations and live different experiences!


I have bought a GIFT VOUCHER
  • How can I buy an Excel Hotels Gift Voucher?
    Gift vouchers can be purchased through our website: and you will only need a valid credit or debit card.
  • What is the amount of the Gift Vouchers?
    The Gift Voucher can have different amounts. The minimum amount is € 100, and from here you can choose the amount you want for your Gift Voucher.
  • What are the conditions of the voucher?
    As long as the beneficiary of the voucher makes a reservation with a flexible rate, they can modify the dates of their reservation. However, the option to cancel and refund the amount of the gift voucher again is not available, whatever the type of rate chosen.
  • How will the recipient receive the Excel Hotels Gift Voucher?
    In the process of buying the voucher, you will have to indicate an e-mail of the recipient, therefore, it is very important to check that it is written correctly. You can choose the date on which you want the recipient to receive their gift by email.

    Once the purchase is made, the recipient will receive an e-mail with the Gift Voucher, with all the conditions and all the detailed information to be able to reserve.
They have given me a GIFT VOUCHER
  • Is it possible to exchange the Gift Voucher for cash?
    The Gift Voucher can only be exchanged by staying at our establishments. So it cannot be redeemed in cash or the hotel .
  • Can I pay for an extra service at the hotel with the gift voucher?
    No, the gift voucher is only valid for reservations made through the web. At the time of staying, it cannot be used to pay for any services there.
  • What can I do if I lose the voucher code?
    Unfortunately, if you lose your gift voucher code, we will not be able to generate a new one.
  • How should I proceed if I want to cancel my reservation?
    If you have chosen a flexible rate and want to cancel your reservation, unfortunately, we cannot return the amount of your voucher to the code. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us to modify the dates and thus not lose the voucher.
  • How should I proceed if I want to modify my reservation?
    If you want to change the dates of your reservation, you will have to contact us at the following email: , or also by phone, by calling +34 922 788 040

    Keep in mind that, if the new rate is higher, you will have to pay the difference, and if it is lower, we will not be able to refund the difference.
  • In which establishments can I use my Excel gift voucher?
    Excel Hotels gift vouchers are valid for all establishments in the group. Below, you can consult the complete list of our apart'hotels:
    Discover them here
  • Who can use the gift voucher?
    In order to use the Voucher, it is only necessary to have the promotional code that will appear in the beneficiary's email. Without that code, it cannot be used.
  • When does the gift voucher expire?
    The gift voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Can I make more than one reservation with a gift voucher?
    You can make as many reservations as you want as long as the value of the gift voucher allows it. If after making a reservation there is an excess amount left, it will remain as an outstanding balance on the voucher. In the event that the amount of the reservation exceeds the value of the gift voucher, you will only have to pay the remaining part.
  • How can I see the remaining balance of my bonus?
    The remaining balance will appear in the last step before confirming the new reservation. And you can also see it in the confirmation of your previous reservation, which you received by email.
  • Can I redeem the Gift Voucher in another way, apart from the web?
    It can only be redeemed through the web, using the promotional code. If you have any problem making the reservation, do not hesitate to contact us: , or also by phone by calling +34 93 202 96 11.
  • Is it necessary to present the gift voucher on the day of entry at the reception?
    It is not necessary to present any document at the hotel once the gift voucher has been redeemed through the web. The confirmation of the reservation that you will receive by email will be sufficient.