Training & Professional Development

EH&R believes in talent. We retain talent within the company and incorporate new talent. The Human Resources Department is constantly searching for new skills. We have comprehensive training programmes. Investment in training is an investment in business.

We reinforce aptitudes and we encourage their development.

We collaborate with the most prestigious trainers at national and international level.

Campaigns such as ‘’FÓRMATE’’, ‘’SABEH&R SÍ OCUPA LUGAR’’, ‘’VENDEH&R’’, ‘’Experiencia EH&R’’, ‘’NUESTRO MEJOR DETALLE NUESTRA SONRISA’’ are examples of training programmes at all levels which enhance customer service, quality, marketing, languages, cross selling, upselling, leadership, communication, time management, empowerment. These courses are part of the annual training programme.

People are most important and we take care of our employees. Every year we launch motivation campaigns with different kinds of activities.

EH&R12. FEEL EXCEL LIVE EXCEL has been organised this year.  Laughter therapy, outdoor activities, gastronomic visits and the Teide Observatory visit are some of the activities which are part of the campaign.

We need to work for the future and EH&R has career plans in place.

The YEP (Young Executive People) project or the PT (Talent Programme) projects speak for themselves.

Video of Excursion to Masca (2015).