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What to see in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife

Excel Hotels 05/08/2022
The Canary Islands, recognized for its people, its climate and its gastronomy, is one of the most popular destinations internationally to visit throughout the year. To the north of the island of Tenerife is Puerto de la Cruz⁣ , a magical place that delights the most demanding tourists. Why? Because here we will find varied culture, delicious cuisine, huge beaches, beautiful landscapes, and much more!

If you are willing to get to know this wonderful place and want to know what to see in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, we recommend the inevitable places that you must visit. And if you still don't have plans, maybe we will inspire you and start planning your visit. Go for it!

• Dips in Lake Martiánez.

If you come to visit the island and you wonder what to see in Puerto de la Cruz, you can't miss the Lago Martiánez Water Park. This complex has 7 swimming pools and saltwater lakes, which represent the 7 Canary Islands. Fall in love with its crystal clear waters and its fun activities with your family and friends!

• Your beach plan in Puerto de la Cruz: sun, sand and sea at Playa Jardín

As the song says, these three factors abound in the Playa Jardín of Puerto de la Cruz, one of the most complete in the area. Surrounded by colorful flowers, it is made up of three coves of black sand: Playa del Castillo, Playa del Charcón and Playa de Punta Brava. In the area you will find all kinds of restaurants and shops. A place that you cannot forget if you are going to visit the beach in Puerto de la Cruz.

• Shopping in the Puerto de la Cruz market

For foodies, we recommend visiting the Municipal Market of Puerto de La Cruz. In this you will find the best local products of organic production, such as organic fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and seafood, charcuterie and hormone-free meats. Also, you can enjoy modern gastronomy, made by young entrepreneurs from the area. Delicious and excellent quality!

• Walk through the Botanical Garden

If you are a little tired of so many beaches in Puerto de la Cruz, you can take a walk through the Botanical Garden to see the local flora and breathe the purest air of the city. Here you will find more than 2,500 species from all over the world, many of them tropical, that will amaze you with their colors, shapes and textures. The ideal place to make a different plan, take beautiful photos and rest from the salt of the sea.

• Views at the Mirador de La Paz

Without a doubt, one of the key points to visit during your stay in Puerto de la Cruz. At the Mirador de la Paz you will find a panoramic view of the city, the ocean, the port and the popular beaches of the city. In this viewpoint there are several sculptures, the most important being the bust of the renowned English writer Agatha Christie , who visited the city and was the inspiration to write 'The Enigmatic Mister Quin'. The ideal place to see how the sun goes down and the night begins during your vacation, and a perfect plan to end that day of tourism in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) with your partner.

• Walk through the Old Town

One of the oldest tourist spots to visit during your stay is the Old Town . In this historic area you will get to know the Customs House, the Plaza del Charco, the port of La Orotava and the La Ranilla fishing district, all recognized points of interest during the 18th century. A quiet place, full of history and culture.

• Drinks along the Paseo del Puerto.

After a long day at the beach and walking, there is no better way than to end it with a few delicious drinks. On the Paseo del Puerto you will find all kinds of bars for tapas or a drink after dinner. From Irish pubs to bars with extravagant cocktails, you will be in a very cozy atmosphere and with prices accessible to all pockets.

You already have the infallible plans to do tourism in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, and get to know it in its entirety. Now, pack your bags, choose your hotel or resort , get on the plane, and the adventure begins!


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  • Beverly Hills Heights
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